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  1. This is unedited (except for it being isolated with the use of MKVToolNix) footage. It is a progressive source, no telecine or interlacing.

    What is it? I'm not very experienced with video editing, but this is a really distracting effect! I tried applying an effect called DeFlicker but it didn't change anything.
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  2. From the description deflickering sounds right.
    In this case some temporal denoising using for example:
    clip = lostfunc.DeSpot(o=clip)
    # cropping the video to 1440x1080
    clip = core.std.CropRel(clip=clip, left=240, right=240, top=0, bottom=0)
    # removing grain using MCDegrain
    clip = mcdegrainsharp.mcdegrainsharp(clip=clip, csharp=0.60))
    looks fine to me,... only problem with the denoising is that you know easier spot the video glitches on the forhead,..

    Frame 68/69/70:

    (you need to switch between them to see the problem or watch the video)

    Cu Selur
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  3. Try this in AviSynth:

    SMDegrain (tr=2, thSAD=1000, refinemotion=true, contrasharp=true, PreFilter=4, mode=2, truemotion=true, plane=0, chroma=false)
    There's still a little flicker but it may be slight enough not to bother you. You can further reduce the flicker by raising tr to 3 or more. But as you go higher you will get more of the motion distortions in the forehead (as can be seen in Selur's sample).
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