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    Incredible. I struggled for two weeks trying to get my Diamond VC500 to work with S-Video. It completely died on me. Even stopped working with composite. Does anyone know of a good USB capture card that is good but not the same price as the Diamond? It seems like the EasyCap contains superior parts at 14X less of a price.
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  2. If you want something that works on win10 to capture S-Video, the IO-Data GV USB2 is well-made alternative, though it costs a bit. Many of the modern brand name dongles use similar hardware to the VC500, though some use a different setup but I don't know too much about the new ones. There are older cards that are decent though a lot of them won't work properly on win10.
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    Yes. I think that actually costs more than the VC500 - not sure if you are talking in Oz $ or US $

    Another good alternative with good Win10 support is the Hauppauge USB-Live2.

    But as refered in your other topic your issue might not even be the capture device. Hardware MUST be confirmed to be working correctly first.
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