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  1. hi, sorry for my bad English,
    currently, I looking for a software to detect scene(s) similar to pyscenedetect, but:
    1. using GPU
    2. set threshold after "scanning" done
    3. you can choose manually: is this part really a "new" scene or not

    additional info: I use windows 10, Nvidia Cuda 10/11 installed, python ok, GUI ok, CLI ok, but Linux and MAC (I)OS is not ok,
    thank you for reading
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  2. Resolve came to my mind the first
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  3. thank you s-mp for the info and sorry for the late reply,
    I googled this and found to use GPU you must use paid version(currently my I have a 0 budget, sorry),
    can you give me a free alternative one?
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  4. Scene Cut Detection works fine in the free version of Resolve.

    (You only need the paid version to use the GPU for rendering.)

    Shutter Encoder also has scene detection which will make an EDL.
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  5. thank you smrpix for the reply,
    I will try your method
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