I have been using the Hauppauge HD PVR 1212 to capture and record video from cable TV.

I just converted from Rogers digital cable to Rogers Ignite (i.e. the same as Comcast Xfinity).

Here's my setup:
-Rogers cable box output is HDMI
-HDfury3 converts HDMI to component and SPDIF
-HDfury3 output connected to Hauppauge 1212 input
-Hauppauge 1212 output connected to PC using USB2
-Video viewed/recorded using Hauppauge Capture (have also used Arcsoft TotalMedia Extreme)

From a number of sources, I've read that Ignite/Xfinity incorrectly encodes DD 5.1 on DVR and OD programs. I've been advised by Rogers to set the cable box audio setting to "Expert Mode" and this will provide correctly encoded DD 5.1.

Using the "Expert Mode" setting:
-On a live broadcast, video and audio are played correctly and DD 5.1 is recorded correctly.
-However, when a DVR recorded program or OD program is played back, there is no audio and the video frequently freezes.

If the "Dolby Digital 5.1" audio setting is used instead of "Expert Mode"
-live, DVR and OD programs play and are recorded but the audio is only 2 channel.

This sounds to me like an Ignite/Xfinity problem. However, has anyone else experienced this issue and have insights for me.