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  1. Hi,
    I need to reproduce a video on a iMac G3 350 mhz with OS 8.6 and Quicktime 4 (Millennium vibes)

    Original video file I have to reproduce is an MP4 h.264. 5 min lenght, bitrate 1200 kbps, 25fps.

    I own a Dell with Windows 10 and Media Encoder as editing Pc. When I convert .Mp4 into .MOV with Media Encoder, resulting .Mov has huge bitrate, 28795kbs. This makes video file huge (around 1Gb) and not smoothly reproducible by iMac G3.

    Even getting smaller initial Mp4, downsizing bitrate or risolution, then .MOV dimension output by Media Encoder doesn't change (1Gb) and same for bitrate (28795kbs)

    Is there a way to reduce .mov bitrate without encoding into a h.264, mpeg 1,2,4, Prores, etc?

    Using these codecs video file is not reproducible by quicktime 4.

    Thanks a lot,
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    Thread moved to the mac forum where you can get more help.
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