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  1. I realize that Avanti is an old app and no more updated.
    I just want to use it as the 2nd option after Handbrake because in Avanti I have the option to brighten and sharpen the video.

    My situation is like this:
    The video source is mp4 1920x1080.
    When I shoot the video, I always keep in mind that I am going to make the encoded video as 720x720...
    so the things which are happening I always keep in the center of the rectangular grid helper on the camera.

    I use the crop-pad-scale option in Avanti like this :

    [Attachment 61419 - Click to enlarge]

    With that kind of setting, I am able to get just the "middle" section of the video in a size 720x720.
    I thought the setting is something that the encoder did not encode 600 px from the left-right and 180 px from top-bottom from the video source, just encode the middle 720x720 portion.
    But when I play the video in MPC-HC, it show a black bar on the left and right :
    [Attachment 61420 - Click to enlarge]

    The media info say that the video is 720*720 (16:9).

    On the other hand, with Handbrake (I do the crop setting also in Handbrake),
    MPC-HC doesn't show the left/right black bar :
    [Attachment 61422 - Click to enlarge]

    And the media info say the video is 720*720 (1.000).

    So my question is :
    how do I make the encoded video is a "real" 720x720 size in Avanti, just like the Handbrake encoded video?

    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advanced.
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    What does that "Source" dropdown menu say (the one just below) to the 720x720 = 1:1?

    It might be a display aspect ratio setting.
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