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  1. I have two subtitles files, one from RedBox, and one from Roku.

    They say TTML in them and Subtitle Edit says "HBO Go" Format, but nothing I do will convert it.

    I am trying to make either a VTT or SRT so I can use it with ffmpeg.

    I tried Subtitle Edit, ttconv, and ttml2ssa, the latter two just crash without even trying.

    NOTE: I had to name the files .xml as the system didn't like the .ttml extension.
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    Subtitle edit will convert them,have you got the latest version?
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  3. Originally Posted by johns0 View Post
    Subtitle edit will convert them,have you got the latest version?
    I am trying it again. It looks like I was two versions behind with 3.6.0.

    I am going to try with 3.6.2 and see what happens.

    For some reason with 3.6.0, it would say converted but then ffmpeg would only put in like the two few lines as mov_text then stop with any subtitles after that.

    EDIT: Wow! I literally just installed 3.6.2 and then did the exact same thing I did with 3.6.0, but instantly the subtitles worked.

    I also noticed for some reason, 3.6.0 made the FJ subtitles file 52KB in size but 3.6.2 made the file 47KB.
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