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  1. Hi,

    What (free) software can you use to convert .qsv into .mp4 or .avi files?

    Also, what is a good free DVD-ripping software?

    Best regards,

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  2. Open your qsv in mediainfo and post the report (text mode) here.
    Could be a avc (x264) encoded video.
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    A QSV file is a video file used by iQIYI, an online Chinese online video platform. It stores compressed video data in the proprietary iQIYI multimedia container format. QSV files can only be played with the iQIYI video platform.
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  4. Looks like youtube-dl would decrypt those files while downloading, they seem to have native support for iqiyi platform:

    Originally Posted by ericdunn View Post

    Also, what is a good free DVD-ripping software?
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