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  1. A friend shared a bundle of files with me (all from iPhone)
    Videos are fine
    On GoogleDrive I can view all images, and a few of them are identified as .heic format, but when I download to PC they are saved as .heif and I can't open them.

    I have the ability to open .heic files (installed CopyTrans) but that does not work for .heif

    Anybody have a simple solution, not a format I have come across before.
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  2. If you have Windows, 8/10 you can download the extention from the windows store.
    Search for heif.
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    @Tafflad, HEIC/HEIF is using the HEVC (h265) as the codec, for images, as well as using them in videos (where they usually retain their MOV, MP4, MKV container). It has been quite common since ~2016, and growing.
    Much more compression efficient than AVC or older, for movies, and MUCH more compression efficient than Jpeg2000 or especially JPEG (which was released almost 30 years ago!) for images.

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