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    I have a several clips, with audio. Some videos I just want to join with AlignedSpliced (++), but i have one problem with other one.
    I try to explain:
    Audio from clip1 continues after scene plane change. So, I want to join the two videos (only video) at the scene change, but the audio of clip1 remains 3-4 frames, and then fade with the next audio.
    Graphically: +++++ is video1 %%%% is audio1 -------video2 &&&&& audio2 ----> then i want

    +++++++++------------- (video1+2)
    %%%%%%%&&&&&& (audio1+2)
    there is a little difference of time in the moment of fadeout

    I already tried
    #Dissolve(Trim(0,1255), Trim(2600,7300),25)
    #V1++W2++V2++V22++V3++V4a++V5++V6a++V7++V8++V9++V1 0++V11++V12++V13++V14++V15++V16++V17(AlignedSplice )
    #++TxPlus_Slide(V3, V4, 0.25, 7, true)++TxPlus_Slide(V41, V5, 0.25, 7, true)++V55++V6 (plugin transition Txplus)

    Thanks in advance. Good Job!!
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