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  1. I'm trying to add the BlankClip function to my script. All the clips are the same 29.97 framerate. The moment I add in BlankClip it tells me the framerate is wrong. I put the correct fpsnum and fpsden in. Here's what I have:

    Clip6.Trim(19968,20060)+BlankClip(length=5, width=720, height=540, pixel_type="YV12", fps=30.00, fps_denominator=1001, audio_rate=44100, channels=2, sample_type="16bit", color=$DCC93B)

    I don't quite see what I could have wrong.
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  2. BlankClip(Clip6) will make the blankclip the same characteristics of Clip6, including framerate, pixel format, audio sampling etc...

    Clip6.Trim(19968,20060)+BlankClip(Clip6, length=5, color=color=$DCC93B)
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