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  1. This video here, appears to have the audio out of sync with the video. The issue seems to be worse at the end of the video.

    Downloaded this video and tried using Avidemux to correct the audio timing. But so far I'm having difficulty in finding the best setting to use for timing adjustment (in milliseconds).

    I suspect the audio synchronization is slightly out at the beginning of the video and considerably out of synchronization at the end of the video. This (I think) complicates matters as the audio timing adjustment can't be just one value because of the apparent deviation in audio timing as the video progresses.

    So, apart from video creator re-editing the video, what can be done to adjust the audio timing(s) using a suitable video editor, please?

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    I reckon the collision at 24:40 seems in-sync, as does the start of the back-slapping at the end (25:58).

    The acceleration sounds early on though don't match the straights the car is on.

    I can't work out what's going on, sync-wise, in the first part of the tape.

    Seems like a lot of palava; they must have been a pretty bad crook!
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  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Yes, at the start of the video, the movement of the police car doesn't match the sound. This mismatch (audio out of synchronization) seems to continue for the rest of the video.

    And from around 22:20, the audio suggests the chase has ended with multiple sirens heard, but the video shows the police car is still chasing the suspect at speed! Shortly multiple voices are heard but the video shows that the single police car is still continuing the chase!

    At around 24:40, is when the video shows that the chase has stopped with multi police cars with sirens pulling up. I believe this is when the audio should match the video.

    So it appears to me there is a serious out of synchronization of audio with the video of about two minutes and twenty seconds (24:40 minus 22:20) for latter part of the video anyway! I don't know how much out of sync the audio is for the beginning of the video; but I don't think it is as much as two minutes or so(?)
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