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  1. I have a premium subscription to peacock. I've been having strange issues downloading a full length video from any part of the site.

    I was able to install the Widevine Guesser extension through chrome and download the keys to a video I want.

    This is the content of the keys.json file:

        "mpd_url": ",proxy.2,proxy.3,proxy.4,proxy.5,proxy.6,proxy.7,proxy.8/1.mpd?c3.ri=5006900975912904881&,RytYRQ==,UEdYSg==,VDdjTw==,WGJvVg==,Y1Nqeg==,ZW5kZQ==&_fw_coppa=0&am_sdkv=2.6.1-peacock&crtp=vast3ap&am_contextid=208574741&_fw_player_width=1920&am_appv=2.10.12&mode=on-demand&obfuscatedfreewheelprofileid=85533307983341e6cdf7e6e86b35f4c2c0b719df&sfid=15741683&vip="
        "kid": "0016d75c53323c9fa2dd49ab819622da",
        "hex_key": "d05dbce2510a9433f351aff03c60b9fe"
    I then run the command: "yt-dlp -o video" and it proceeds to download several hundreds of segments of the above video. The video on peacock is 2 hours, 28 minutes and about 15 seconds. The resulting decrypted mp4 shows up as that length, but it can only play about 14 minutes and if I skip through the video, it goes to the end and doesn't play anymore.

    This is what happens for any video I get the keys for using the chrome extension.

    If I continue with deleting the encrypted video file, it converts to mkv which is only the 14 minutes I listed above.

    I am using Chrome Version 94.0.4606.81

    Help downloading the full video would be appreciated!

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    Please do not ask for help on downloading videos from a subscription site,this is against forum rules,this thread is closed.
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