Hi Folks

I am new here but a retread in Video, been pointing a camera of one sort or another pretty much half my life, I am looking for a user help forum or other resource for the FAST Electronic AG Video Machine Capture Board, PC Video Mixer, it's a bit of a rare beast now, and the original maker has been sold off, first to Pinnacle Systems, and then Pinnacle bought out by Corel, who offer no legacy support at all, I need disks and ideally a manual for the kit, as mine were mislaid prior to a premises move and are now long lost

Any help would be much appreciated, I am also trying to get hold of a working Matrox RT2000 Codec Card, and an Millennium G400 Flex 3D Edition Graphics Card if anyone can suggest anywhere to look, I have tried eBay without any luck so far, and I am keen to use the kit again as I have a lot of old Analogue footage I would like to edit and transfer

Kind regards Julie PictureBox Productions