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  1. I don't know where to post this or what it is even called but I have a problem with subtitles showing up in the subtitle dropdown menu in VLC. I want them to show up as English but I get other things like Track 1, etc. I use subtitle edit 3.6.0 but can't find a solution... Thanks for any help, -jmfsms
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  2. You havn't set a language for the subtitle track and it is set to "und" (Undetermined). I take it you're using a .mkv file so you could use MKVToolnix gui or mkvpropedit to set the subtitle language.
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  3. If using subtitles as separate files (SRT, ASS...), you can get the language displayed by using a standard naming convention :
    “Name of the” => should be displayed as “English” (or local translation)
    “Name of the” => should be displayed as “French” (or local translation)
    And so on. (When I looked into this issue some months ago I couldn't find a thorough list of all country codes, and gave up once I had found the info I needed — if someone could post a link to such a list that would be useful.)
    I read that, in case there are multiple subtitles with the same language, a numbered suffix like “.en1” / “.en2” / “.en3” would work, but upon quick testing, it doesn't work with VLC Media Player 3.0.16.
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  4. Thanks for all the help, I thought it would be a simple line I could open with a text editor or something... I use ffmpeg and subtitle edit but I will play with your suggestions and come back with questions... Thanks again with the help, jmfsms
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