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  1. hi,
    Ive got a panasonic cam corder with 50 times zoom
    to be honest Ive mainly used it for taking still photos but recently
    have been making a few videos

    I turn on to record some video , press the button again and see pause...
    I paused a few times and thought the outcome would be 1 video
    but in fact I had 3 videos , each time I hit pause the camera seemed to make a video
    and when I pressed record again it started a new video ,

    Is there no way I can use the pause button again and again and still end up with one video ?

    thanks for help and comments
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    If there isn't an option in the settings to do so then it is unlikely to be possible. Perhaps if you shared what model you have another member may be able to provide more onfo.
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  3. Its panasonic full HD HC -V500
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