Hi. I am testing a video stream that is delivered over the internet in DVB format. I send this stream via SRT or RTP to a remote analyser to review feed quality. I believe I have also used Zixi. I am seeing continuity errors showing for the feed that are clocking up. I have tried tuning the linux server that is sending but no change. I have tried increasing latency but still get the errors.
I am using Mainconcept Muxer and Encoder. I'm not sure if there is some advanced flag I need to use to eliminate these errors. There also seem to be some PCR accuracy errors reported now and again.

I want to understand are these errors expected when sending over the internet because DVB standards state this is a Priority 1 error? Does anyone know how to reduce them or should I expect to see these clocking up seeing as RTP/SRT are not 100% error free being UDP protocols.

I am monitoring using an analyser that checks ETR-290 DVB standards.

Settings on Output are as follows:

[Attachment 61074 - Click to enlarge]

Errors can be seen here

[Attachment 61075 - Click to enlarge]

If I switch to a different encoder/muxer the errors clear (unfortunately the other muxer has another problem with PTS errors so I can't use it.

Any advice is appreciated in how to stop these CC errors.