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  1. I have professionally done 16mm film scan where I have 3-4 places with flickering caused by the frames of the following type:

    Click image for larger version

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    What will be the smart way to fix it ?
    Can someone suggest some automatic/semi automatic plugin ?
    If not, what is the best flow to fix these frames with Photoshop frame by frame ?

    Any hints are really appreciated...
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  2. You have two choices, depending on how many of these you have in a row. If you have just one bad frame at a time, you can use my "Replace Bad Frame" script to find and replace that frame:

    If there are many in a row, you can repair them frame-by-frame in your NLE, something I have done several times. You have to have a film scanner which captures all the way to the edges of the film for this to work. You line two instances of the same capture and move one up and one down. If you have a full-frame scan, with the frame edge showing at the top and bottom, this can work pretty well. You'll still have to feather the edges where the two parts of the frame meet, and there will still be a tell-tale line across the center where they join.

    Depending on the nature of how this problem happened, you might have to offset one of the two instances by one frame (because the top half may be from the next frame).

    This shows what can be done, using the first method:
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