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  1. Hello I need your help I am on a working project I have several episode of a series broadcast on TV in 50min 4/3 format in my language .
    I bought the 16/9 DVDs the DVD version on a duration of 70min is there a script which would take example from the 55min video to erase the extra scenes on the DVD version ?
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  2. If I understand this correctly, I don't think that there is a way to do it automatically (unless perhaps those extra scenes were precisely indexed as extra chapters, which is unlikely).
    So you would have to load each pair of videos in an editor and tediously seek where the discrepancies are, based on sight and sound. I did something similar once, it may help you.
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  3. yes I also have a very complicated method to do and takes a lot of time
    material tv just shit 16/9 cropped in 4/3
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