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  1. I am looking to add a JVC SR-DVM70, DVM600, or DVM700 to my arsenal of DVD Recorders (currently own a RD-XS34, RD-XS35, D-R5, and SR-MV45) Was curious if the JVC Pro units (SR series) are as susceptible to the "Loading Error" issues (e.g. bad PS board, capacitors, or DVD drive) that affected the consumer line of JVC DVD Recorders (DR-M1, M100, MH30, MVs, etc.). Is the SR-DVM series which was manufactured later any more reliable than the earlier consumer units? From reading this forum I get the impression that the DVM70 still had these issues, but the DVM600 and DVM700 were more problem free. Was wondering what everyone's experience has been with the DVM units before investing in one.
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  2. Certain DVM units allow for digital recording to HDD in the DV native format (according to the JVC brochure). I know this is not the customary approach, but has anyone tried this for VHS transfers, I'm curious how this method would compare to MPEG2 transfers? Workflow would be: SVHS (JVC with TBC) --> external TBC --> DVM700 (HDD in DV format) --> PC (DV format).
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  3. For what it's worth - the recorder has an internal framestore which acts as a sort-of-TBC. I used it as as such with a Decklink Studio and a mediocre VHS deck, where a direct connection would results in dropouts in the recording. Adding DVM600 fixed things.
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