Hi everyone,

I have multiple playlists that I prefer to switch to directly from the Potplayer's playlists folder, rather than from the playlist window. So when I want to switch to another playlist, I open the playlist folder, select the .dpl playlist of my choice and the playback automatically starts at the last played position, which is fine. However, next time I run the PotPlayer application ( as opposed to running the .dpl file),the program will start with the Default playlist, instead with the playlist I last played. This means that if I want to RESUME watching the SAME playlist on the program startup, rather than selecting another one, I have to go to the playlist folder and start the playlist from there. I'd much prefer if I could simply click the Potplayer icon and have my playlist automatically play on the startup.

I would like to know if it possible to configure PotPlayer to open dpl playlists within the Default playlist so they can start playing automatically on the next program startup, or if there is any other way to achieve this in the Potplayer.

Thank you!