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    Hi guys, I am a newbie here.

    I am looking for a tool that allows me to BATCH/BULK TRANSLATE a single (or multiple) subtitle file into many different languages, at the same time. So, for instance, If I have an English .srt file, then I can pick say 20 languages from a list, and generate those 20 translations at once.

    Here in this forum I've seen a couple of old tools being suggested, none of which seems to be currently supported, as they are very buggy and—for the most part, do not work at all: SRT Translate and Free SRT File Translator.

    Google used to have a service that did this, called Google Translator Toolkit, but that was shut down in 2019.

    There are many translation tools out there, but none address this feature, as far as I know. Some online services seem to offer this service but they usually a very expensive, and only companies could afford them.

    Anny help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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  2. I'd say your best shot is Subtitle Edit and Kainote
    those two seem to be updated recently and regularly and I believe have translation for subtitles

    also do you mean you have the original English SRT and wanna translate that?

    that's what I thought you meant...but you might be talking of auto transcribing based on voice recognition
    if that's the case I do see one open source one that has that feature in beta Subtitld
    but I refuse to use snap store to install on linux. A couple months ago I tried it but it didn't have that feature at that time.
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