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  1. Hello, dear all.


    For the video above ( or similar ones on Youtube) , does it possible to get the automatic generated subtitles using some program?

    When I use Tubedigger or or IDM I can't "see" the subtitle "stream" on this link.

    This programs can download Ok the videos. But not the subtitle "file".


    In the other link above, it seems that does indeed ( in this example ) exist some " VTT" subtitle file as a stream. And using IDM or Tubedigger ( and many others too ) we can get video + audio + subtitle just fine.

    For those videos that do not have any VTT ( or similar files ) available on Youtube, does exist a way to grab the subtitles that are automatic generated by Youtube engine itself? And not only to grab the text, but the timing from all the speeches, just like any movie subtitle files?

    Thanks for your time.

    Best regards.
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  2. Hi, dear all.

    @ Nilzzon

    Hi. Thanks for your tip!

    I could test 3d youtube downloader. I used the portable option available and did some tests. To see how the program works, how the settings / options works.

    I could download the automatic generate subtitles! Very nice program ! I never knew that this could be done using some specific program!

    I could find some information about the subject. Some online sites can help with that subtitle grabbing too.




    The subtitles must be polished concerning about the timing. But it helps a lot!

    If you know other programs ( freeware, if its possible ) than can do that, you can point here.

    Thanks again for your help and time!

    Best regards.
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