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  1. I had a request from my in-laws to get a file that I'm almost certain can only be acquired from -

    I managed to acquire a few file addresses

    yt-dlp pulled the files I needed and I even got mp4 and m4a files using another app. 500mb video and 32mb audio so the correct size. However the DRM is stopping me doing anything with these files.

    I also tried Camtasia and the screen is blank as expected - I even tried Bluestacks/MEMU/NOX and installed the app and couldn't get the videos to play.

    Hoping someone can give me that last piece of info on how to unencrypt these files - I'm assuming widevine L3?!

    Thanks in advance
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  2. Got the keys

    KID: fd6914e7910440f8884864004f5e6f51
    HEX: caef3ee0679cc302147870d6dfd976bb

    KID: 92837c4756ab1e322d4707c34dd35028
    HEX: caef3ee0679cc302147870d6dfd976bb

    and successfully decrpyted the files. Merge seemed to go ok, but no sound.

    So close!
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  3. I have no idea why you have no sound, your keys are correct. You messed up something.
    Here's the audio, try merging the video with this one.
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  4. Must be a codec thing as I have no sound on that file also - weird.

    I'll try the merge and see if Plex can figure it out.
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  5. >mp4decrypt.exe --key fd6914e7910440f8884864004f5e6f51:caef3ee0679cc3021 47870d6dfd976bb "C5344020001A_MPEGDASH_1500_a.mp4" test_a.mp4
    >mp4decrypt.exe --key 92837c4756ab1e322d4707c34dd35028:caef3ee0679cc3021 47870d6dfd976bb "C5344020001A_MPEGDASH_1500_a.mp4" test_a.mp4

    I tried both and both commands ran but there was no audio - yours did work so thank you!
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