Hello all,

I have a Japanese market Sony DVX-11A I bought from overseas for cheap, the unit powers on fine and accepts/ejects discs properly, but it seems to be having an issue reading them.
At first I thought it was due to the region locking, but now that I have gotten a write-able disc drive for my pc and have made some test dummy, region-free DVDs the player seems to either refuse them outright with the "Read Error" message on the screen (in Japanese, of course) and warning beeps, or go into a loop of trying to read the disc, failing, and trying again while making noise.
[Attachment 60762 - Click to enlarge]

I was going to try inserting a disc with some MP3s on it to see if it can read anything at all but I believe I ran the battery flat as the disc was able to be inserted but the motor for spinning the disc wasn't able to activate properly (making a click noise instead).

I am wondering if any of you have encountered an issue like this before, and what my next steps should be. Should I try and find a shop that repairs units like these?
Thank you for reading.

Here is a video I've taken of the malfunctioning noise.