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  1. Hello !

    I have read a lot about this thing, and my issue is different. I am able to download the .mpd file for audio and video, but the subtitles are separately with init.mp4 and in segments like 0.m4s , 1.m4s . I have tried with InviDownloader, but the download doenst start. The only way is to do it manually by creating a list with all those links. I would like to do it a bit faster. Is there an alternative to InviDownloader or a command that grab links from 0.m4s to 200.m4s for exemple.
    yt-dlp with aria2c.exe doenst support subtitles download, it only download video and audio.
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  2. I got the solution via pm.
    The command is this one :

    yt-dlp --write-subs --all-subs --allow-unplayable-formats --skip-download -N 20 "mpdlink"
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