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    Just trying my luck here - is there such a thing? Editing tons of interviews these days, so anything remotely close will cut my editing time by a lot!
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    Even if/when this ever became available, it will never be as good as doing it by hand.

    As a veteran audio editor, I know my evaluation of thresholds, timings and pacing, and vocal style is orders of magnitude better than any kind of noise gate/level cutting & appending tool, because I understand the flow of peoples' dialog and personal/cultural physical quirks & linguistic signatures, and know that there are some things you WANT to leave in so it BREATHES.
    A tool doesn't know that stuff, and AI will have to advance much farther before it can accommodate such unique, random and varied real world volumes and cadences.

    I suggest you just keep practicing, and get an editor/DAW that allows for custom keyboard and mouse shortcuts so you can get into a good rhythm of preview, mark out, mark in, select, snap cut, review, etc. Then it becomes much more organic.

    Here's a tip: you know those time compressed legal disclaimers at the end in commercials? Start doing a LOT of those and see how you can pre-edit the patter (muting between), so the post applied time compression sounds both more fluid and still kind of natural sounding and discernable while simultaneously being faster than all the rest. When you have accomplished that, a standard narration, interview, etc is child's play. And you may have learned a valuable skill (careerwise).

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