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  1. Downloaded video with yt-dlp and get sound file separate. |They won't merge. Message "malformed aac bitstream install FFMpeg to fix this automatically." I have ffmpeg in the same folder as yt-dlp.What do they mean install fmmpeg?

    Also is there a way to join the video and audio and have them in sync?
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  2. What is the command you used for merging?

    You can synchronize the audio and video with ffmpeg with the following command

    ffmpeg.exe -i "movie.mp4" -itsoffset 3.84 -i "movie.mp4" -map 0:v -map 1:a -c copy "movie-audio-delayed.mp4"
    You need to change the 3.84 with the corresponding delay. It might need negative number, it might need positive.
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  3. There's probably, in all likelihood nothing wrong with the downloaded aac file. It's the way fmpeg is interpreting it and baulking at it.

    With ffmpeg and ffprobe in the same directory as yt-dlp - in this instance try to download both the video and audio with ffmpeg, therefore giving it less opportunity to complain, thus:

    Substitute your selections where I have used bv+ba for testing.

    yt-dlp -f bv+ba --hls-prefer-ffmpeg "URL"
    or because the mp4 format is stricter than mkv for accepting audio formats, you could use mkv:

    yt-dlp -f bv+ba --hls-prefer-ffmpeg "URL" --merge-output-format mkv
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