Hello everyone,

Thank you for hosting this community, providing me with an opportunity to learn and grow.
I have recently begun my video editing experience with Videopad Pro (10.60), on Windows 10 32-bits.

After having tried to solve my problem by watching several (lengthy) youtube tutorials, I decided I'd best ask my question directly.

Obviously, one should be able to apply effects to one's text and video clips independently/separately, but somehow Videopad does not allow me to do this. I must say that in the videos that I have watched, I did see that other people did not have this problem at all. My problem is thus that I apply an effect intended only for the text, not for the clip, but the effect is then applied to both the text and the clip. You can view my screenshot here. You can see that the clip fades out, while I actually only want the text to fade out.
How can make it so, so that only the text fades out and not the clip?

Trying to find my way, I found four options in the (fade) effects that seemed of interest:
1. apply to current clip
2. apply to selected clips
3. apply to all clips
4. apply to all joined clips

I tried all of them, but this did not solve my problem. I hope you can help me on my way.

Thank you so much,