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    I'm new to FFMPEG and just did some testing with it receiving 3 streams (RTMP & RTP) on a Windows 10 PC from a playout computer.
    My aim is ultimately to receive these 3 streams and output them 3 blackmagic mini monitor cards.
    The SDI outputs supply content to a local TV station video feed.
    The idea is to have the playout PC located at the content creation site streaming constantly to the
    location where the TV connection equipment is.
    The tough part is that this needs to reliably recover from network outages/errors.

    First, though, because I believe I'll have to recompile FFMPEG to do that, I'm testing with just displaying the feeds on screen.
    For receiving RTMP, I'm using NGENX. It is receiving the three streams and I'm able to display them in ffplay as well as vlc.
    For RTP, I can make ffplay and vlc get the stream directly from the iport.
    My data connectivity seems fine. I can make these start and generally play correctly (VLC was having some performance issues with RTP
    but that's not important to me)

    I am launching a copy of mmplay from 3 separate windows cmd sessions.
    The CPU utilization is quite low, 20 - 30%.
    The issue is that if I disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable sometimes the video picks up
    and recovers, sometimes not. That's true with any combination of players and protocols.

    If it mmplay fails to recover, I see no way recource except to manually ^c the program and restart.
    I assume I would have the same issues with ffmpeg.
    I have seen posts where folks put the command in a script that loops on exit, but the mmplay
    does not exit on this condition. (I did try the autoexit command option, still no exit)

    What are my options with making this setup reliable to recovering from network errors?
    Should I try this running on Linux instead?
    (Its harder but if someone vouches that this works I'll do it)

    If I'm expecting too much from either the protocol or the player, please point me in
    another direction if you know one, thanks!
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    ... I've discovered a -reconnect_streaming 1 option in a "full version" which I want to try.
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