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  1. hi
    i want to download videos from the website "" using ffmpeg
    can any one help me to download
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  2. And why it must be ffmpeg?
    Use DownloadHelper with companion app installed.
    When it starts to re-encode after downloading just find the file in the temp folder and rename it.
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  3. ffmpeg -i " 93a04b0003b1eb2890781e75941433f74fd7aa/8aa61cd4-85a6-4a0f-b91c-9562425c9007/sep/video/18044e83,f1eead49,0d445099,c054a261/audio/3c75e5bc,8f0b1339/master.m3u8?query_string_ranges=1" -c copy video.ts
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    Since I am going blind and have massive problems with command line programs, I use youtube-dl-gui by Murrty, which uses ffmpeg and youtube-dl to download. It's so much easier than typing all that command line stuff...
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