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    This is something of a followup to my previous thread about which computer to get. I ordered a MacBook Pro 13Ē, 256GB, 16GB memory. I have two questions:

    1. How do you recommend I care for my computer so it can run at its best for the longest time possible? My 2012 Mac Mini, as many of you know, has turned into a boat anchor. I want to avoid that happening with my next computer. I could research online, but you guys are the most reliable tech experts I know of, so Iím asking here, too. Anything from cleaning or antivirus apps to maybe not running many apps at once? Anything you can recommend for me to get the most out of my new laptop would be appreciated.

    2. As you know, the MacBook Pro only has a mere two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. I want to be able to plug in at least a couple normal USBs (the bigger kind, whatever thatís called, but itís what almost everything seems to have used for years, from external drives to thumb drives) and an HDMI. I looked on Appleís site, but their combo adapter only has one regular USB slot. They had a other with two from an approved third party maker, but it had two HDMI slots also, which I donít need, and cost $140, twice the already pricey Apple adapter. Took to Amazon, where there are loads of third party adapters for reasonable prices and with the kind of options I need, but I question how reliable they are. What do you all use/recommend?
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    For #2, my institution has had good experience with these:

    Not normally a big fan of Belkin in general, but you can't deny a good track record with these models.

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