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  1. How to convert wav to flac in FLAC Encoder?
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  2. Use clever Ffmpeg-GUI instead.
    Load yor wav, click main, click audio conversion, click continue, select flac as output, click convert. Done.
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  3. Thanks, but I need to do that in FLAC Encoder.
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    Open a command-prompt window, type "flac --explain", press "ENTER".
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    dBPoweramp is a nice little GUI that converts one or multiple WAV files to FLAC fast and easy.
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  6. Code:
    flac -f -F -5 -o "Path to output .flac file" "Path to input audio file"
    • -f, --force Force overwriting of output file
    • -5, --compression-level-5 Synonymous with -l 8 -b 4096 -m -r 5
      -5 is the default setting
    • -o ".." Set output file
    • -F, --decode-through-errors By default flac stops decoding with an error
      and removes the partially decoded file if it
      encounters a bitstream error. With -F, errors
      are still printed but flac will continue
      decoding to completion. Note that errors may
      cause the decoded audio to be missing some
      samples or have silent sections.
    like mentioned before if you call 'flac --explain' it will list all the options that are available.

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