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  1. I have several older videos with grain and blur. Think VHS muddy quality pulled from digital videos recorded in the early 2000s.

    Topaz Video Enhance AI trial did a decent job at cleaning up the video. Was wondering if there is an open source solution of comparable ability. I'm not interested in video upscaling. I'm interested in video quality clean up. Simple denoising and/or sharpening won't do. Basically take an older VHS video and try to make it into 720p clarity. Thats what i'm after and Topaz seems to do a good job at that.

    If an open source solution exists do keep in mind I have no interest in pre-analyzing each frame of video. I'm looking for an automatic solution (barring a few settings) not unlike Topaz. Ideally an automatic GUI solution or, alternatively, to have a tool's required command line parameters pasted here so as to spare me the days of figuring it out on my own. Sorry folks, it's all about the end results not the trial by fire journey for me.

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    Each video is different. Perhaps you should post a 30 second sample
    as an illustration of what you're dealling with
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    Was wondering if there is an open source solution of comparable ability.
    AviSynth filters.

    You can find some comparison here, where I compared 2 flows using:
    AviSynth versus Topaz VEAI
    AviSynth versus AviSynth + Topaz VEAI

    A limited and quick experiment, just to get an idea

    edit: links to some extracted image comparison is added in the youtube description
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  4. Personally I would go with Vapoursynth over Avisynth.

    Topic has been discussed before: with the general pro&cons mentioned a few times. If you got the motivation the best way is probably to combine the Vapoursynth/Avisynth filtering with Topaz.

    Cu Selur
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    Originally Posted by Selur View Post
    Personally I would go with Vapoursynth over Avisynth.
    I use all 3.

    Vapoursynth (usually via Hybrid)
    Avisynth x86
    Avisynth x64
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