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  1. I'm buying a new laptop. I will be doing dvd authoring and a fair bit of mp4 converting (xmediarecode and handbrake).
    I have a choice of either a Ryzen 3 4300U or an Intel i3 1005G1

    On the Ryzen comes out as the faster processor

    4.5x faster processor, the Ryzen is 4 x 2.7ghz, the i3 is 2 x 1.2ghz.

    I thought it obvious to buy the laptop with the Ryzen, but a couple of my friends have told me intel processors are better at windows apps than amd processors (with amd being better at gaming) which is why i wanted your guys opinion on which processor will be faster at video encoding.

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    i3, supports UHD resolution plus a whole host of other benefits.

    Buy as much processor as you can afford.
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    The i3 supports Intel Quick Sync Video decoding and encoding for MPEG-2, H.264, and H.265, which can speed up the encoding process if the software supports its use. I think that both Xmedia Recode and Handbrake allow the use of QSV. ...but if you want to encode using software then the Ryzen 3 CPU will be faster.
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    get the AMD if you wanna make your files as small as possible
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  5. I bought a 17" HP laptop with an i5-1035G1, 8gb ddr4-2400, 128gb NVMe and 1tb 5400 spinning rust.

    Yanked the ram, NVMe and spinning rust and replaced with 16gb ddr4-2666, 1tb Inland NVMe and 1tb Inland SSD.

    Total cost of laptop + upgrades - $850 + tax.

    CPU is a 4C/4T Ice Lake with AVX-512 and I have used quick sync encode, decode and filters extensively.

    As much as I like HP laptops, I would not buy this again, instead I would look at something like this:

    This thing has an 8C/16T Ryzen APU, I would upgrade the ram to at least 16gb, maybe 32gb, this already has a 1tb SSD so I would add at least a 1tb NVMe, but this time I would not buy Inland, I would buy Kingston, I have a 256gb NVMe in my desktop and that thing is crazy fast.

    I don't know what the OP's budget is but I would definitely go AMD APU and definitely 8C/16T.
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