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    I'm new to all this ripping\editing of video so I don't have a clue...

    What i'm looking for is an easy to use piece of software that allows me to cut\join video.

    Anyone have any recommendations?
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  2. For frame accurate cut and join: VideoRedo
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  3. how about watching a few youtube tutorials, that way you can see what you are up against.
    Much depends on what your computer specs are and what software it will run.

    Something like virtualdub will cut and join very easily, on just about any windows pc, the trick is to export in a quality that is useful with a good codec.

    That's true of any video edit, no matter how complicated it is.

    People will tell you davinci resolve is really difficult to use but its' not, it does need power to run.

    Import, cut, join, export. job done. It only gets complicated when you want to add fancy pants stuff.

    The same will be true of any video editing process, it's easy once you know how to do it, so watch some tutorials on YT, perhaps on the software already suggested here, to see if it is going to suit you and your computer specs.

    If you want to know how virtualdub2 works I made a video
    VirtualDub 2 can handle mp4 files along with .mov.
    I think the original VirtualDub can only work with .avi
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