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  1. This looks like the closest forum to ask in.

    I bought a 4K IP camera to play with. I was told on a dedicated security forum that a switch is the best way to connect several of them to a PC. Right now, I am using the switch part of an old router. The camera connects to one port and the PC attaches to another one. Nothing is attached to the internet side.

    Is this the same thing as using a pure switch? Or is the router software still inspecting and interfering with the flow? The camera streams at 25Hz but I think I see a lot of frame drops.
    I am debating on turning an older PC into a real security system or buying a dedicated NVR.

    Another question: Do any switches have special support for cameras? Is there any feature I should look for? Other than POE.
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    look for a gigabit unmanaged switch. 10-20 dollars depending on how many ports you want.

    they don't do anything but forward data.
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