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    Hello, I've been reading forums here and on Doom9 trying to figure out a way to do this.

    Essentially, I have a fully functioning bluray, complete with menus, special features, etc. However, I would like replace the main film file with a UHD version (one I've already rendered with HEVC H.265 codec), keeping menus, special features videos, etc. intact (I understand the need to replace the main videos audio and subtitles obviously). I know of softwares such as BDRebuilder, TSMuxer, and BDEdit, albeit my experience with these programs is limited. Keeping HDR/Dolby Vision intact is not super important in this scenario, but if its possible that would be useful for future projects.

    I did attempt to do this before using a combination of TSMuxer and BDRebuilder, simply replacing the file designated to the main movie file (in this case titled 00001) in the PLAYLIST, STREAM, and CLIPINF folders, and when opening it as a blu ray in VLC, the main menu did appear, but clicking "play movie" simply kept restarting the menu. When trying on MPC-BE, which doesnt show menus, it was able to locate play the UHD replacement file successfully. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!
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