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  1. I have a video converted from cine film which at one point had a scratch on the film, which comes over as a very bright part of the picture and is very visible if only for a fraction of a second.

    Is there any easy (and cheap!) way I could edit that single frame (and possibly one either side because of the conversion of cine frame speed to video frame speed 25fps). This is simple in picture editors (photoshop and the like) but cannot find it in video editors. I normally use Corel videostudio. I would simply like to paint in a dark color or use a blur facility, if there is one, from neighboring areas.

    The video is encoded as .mov but could be changed.
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  2. you can just cut out the damaged frames, if there are not too many, e.g. with Videoredo
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  3. Yes, that is possible, but would give a little skip of the film
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  4. Since you already use videostudio, why not save out an image (or the few affected images), edit in gimp (or similar free image editor) , then reimport back to videostudio?

    Most video editors do not have paint/clone/heal or photoshop abilities (or if they do, they are not as good), and there is a learning curve to learning other programs
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