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  1. Hello, ummm now i running lastest potplayer version
    one of the version history say like this

    * Remove sponsor-related features
    + Added the ability to set the format when copying the current playback time
    - Fixed a problem that causes screen to broken when playing certain H264 TS
    - Fixed an issue where voice with too high sampling rate could not be played
    - Improved time overlap when using time minimum number of subtitles
    - Fixed an issue where video stopped when playing certain MP4s
    but when i playing some video. some potplayer logo appear on bottom right of my screen
    this is not any ads though but the popup is big

    i mean


    can anyone tell me how to disable that? this is really annoying for me.
    pls don't suggest me to change the player. well i grown up with this potplayer...
    on past i listening music with windows 7 mp3 player. and playing video with Media Player Classic i belive? i forget the name

    and now i can finally play video with peace with pot player.
    well basicly... i not just playing mkv, mp4 or even listening music with it. i also like how light and fast pot player.
    still and since now we had covid i also using potplayer to following some lecture from IPTV by my university...

    maybe 2020 i feels new update of potplayer become bad, they change the UI to bigger UI so i uninstall it and using older version.
    but now. i need to play some video from youtube and since older version seems that feature didn't work so i updated it

    and now i faced with this weired popup on bottom right on my windows

    can anyone figured out how to fix it
    i already reading some post on videohelp and still nothing works for me....
    some people suggesting to install older version, but on older version. some feature not working.

    i hope i can get answer for it
    btw thanks....
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  2. Originally Posted by october262 View Post
    yeah i already see this. someone say that we should disable the checkbox on there.
    but on me. i especially on new version there's no button for it
    and some reply inside that thread still didn't answer my question

    some of the people also do replace some inside with other instalation which fail on me (the pot player didn't work at all)

    and some case the IPTV, and Youtube break.... and didn't want to start
    is there's any fix for that?

    i already read til the end but found nothing. or my bad eyes miss the important step?
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