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  1. I have got a *.mp4 tool which was taken manually by a smartphone.
    The scene is slightly shaking because of the hand movements.

    Is there a tool which help to automatically "repair" this shaking by auto-correct resp. auto-stabilize the video afterwards (and re-encode it)?
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  2. Paid or free?
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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  3. Doesn't matter
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    Well it does 'matter'

    Some de-shake filters only work with paid-for editors.

    The videopad editor claims to stabilise video. Whether it actually works I know not.

    Do bear in mind that any de-shake filter will crop sides/top/bottom of the video you are processing. As long as you are prepared to lose that detail then proceed.
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  5. VirtualDub's DeShaker and AviSynth's (steep learning curve) Depan filters work well for simple deshaking.
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  6. I used Vdub DeShaker a good 15 years ago and worked well.
    It was footage of me driving a NASCAR and I was given film from different people who were there and many of them could not keep the car centered to save their lives....
    It took a LONG time (this was a Pentium 3 or Athlon or something) but I got it where the car was more or less in the center all the time for at least 5-10 seconds at a time.
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  7. Originally Posted by pxstein View Post
    Doesn't matter
    If you really mean that, proDAD Mercalli is excellent.
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  8. Videomass has one using ffmpeg filters.
    Video Stabilizer (vidstabdetect / vidstabtransform / unsharp)

    Page 8 to 12 of pdf gives an overview
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