Hello everyone.

I've captured some VHS tapes which are recorded in a non-conventional formal, with a modified VCR. The result is the one that you can see in the image attached. Basically the problem is that the image is not straight. This is not really a problem, because I can just crop the borders and get on with, I was going to do that and call it a day, but the problem is that this wavy effect is visible and noticeable when text scrolls in the vertical axis. It's really distracting.

I want to know if there is some software and filters that could improve this. The waves are static, they do not move. So correcting that distortion may solve the problem.

I can not change anything in my setup. Except maybe get a different VCR. But is not easy to get one that can playback these unusual tapes.

Thank you for your time!

[Attachment 60280 - Click to enlarge]