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  1. Hello, I'd like to know if there is any difference in encoding quality using latest libx264 on Linux or using x264 on windows. Both at the latest upstream update, and both with the same parameters. Will I get better results with windows? How better, and why?

    I've the same question for audio encoding, so if I use latest codecs in linux+ffmpeg and latest codecs in windows+eac3to, will I get better encoding results in windows?
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    In general: No, x264 is just a separate command line interface to exactly the same libx264. You can use ffmpeg the same way in both Linux and Windows.

    A difference in detail might be how your source video is handled before the encoder core receives its video stream. But in most cases it should be identical.

    Regarding audio: Well, yes, eac3to may behave differently, compared to ffmpeg.
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