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  1. Pretty new to youtubedl (couldn't find a decent GUI to do what i wanted), i am not sure if i am using the syntax correctly, i am using windows 7.

    I want to download:
    • Part of a playlist, from video 43 to 67.
    • Make all videos 480p. (to view in phone)
    • With audio. (so the video is not mute)
    • mp4 format.
    • Lowest size possible without compromise the 480p quality or the audio.

    I used this syntax i used the CMD:

    youtube-dl [playlist link here] --playlist-start 43 --playlist-end 67 -f 'bestvideo[height<=480]+bestaudio/best[height<=480]'
    The problem is did nothing i wanted.

    The video was like 1.3gb, it was not 480p (it was actually 720p) and it downloaded just 1 video instead of all i wanted.

    Did i miss something in my syntax?
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  2. Use double quotes, not single quotes.
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