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  1. So been going through the family tapes finished MiniDV, but now faced with VHS/VHS-C and so new challenges.

    Cutting to the point I got an HR-S7000EK VCR it's not good enough for my Blackmagic analogue to SDI gear to accept beyond 6-12 seconds at best so getting something more suitable when 200-300GBP is available to burn and have since released the unit back into the wild however 2 tapes I cant wrap my head around.

    I have around 100 hours of PAL tapes (UK based) from 1995-2011* from my father's side of the family and is very well indexed grandad is was a good bookkeeper cold dark & dry stored. (too bad it's not even S-VHS or Betamax tapes...)

    I have 2 tapes from the mother's side grandparents moved houses several times and they are the only ''minimalists'' in the bloodline and so the original camcorder was lost and aside from ''we got it when we went to the USA'' and hi-fi/SP being written on one of the tapes labels next to no info to work with yay! there is a MPEG raped DVD copy from 2006 that's useless past a preview as MPEG artefacts crushed it.

    S-VHS mode was automatically on when tested by an NTSC camcorder with TBC, however, only sped up audio was output and distorted video signal.

    When tested on PAL VCR strange output attached is a photo of the issue id like to know peoples thoughts on what is this mess?

    To me, the fixed position timecode data looks intact but everything else is broken and yes I checked cables and other PAL tapes played just fine am I crazy?

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    I think it makes sense to try a different playback device.
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    A still frame is not enough to identify the problem, A sample is needed. and how are you getting that picture? connection used, VCR modes used ... etc
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  4. Just thought I would update my somewhat abbandoned thread lol, it was a chroma phase issue.

    HiFi Track is pefectly fine though from inital tests wi'll run it though HiFi decode on the next run though.

    VHS-Decode fixed it 100% with --recheck_phase and --ct so I'll post samples of this tape when I get around to re-captureing it as Its a perfect example tape for testing how well conventinal TBC's hold up but the last cap I did is just a mess of dropouts due to lack of a cap being used on the NV-HS950B at the time here is some snips anyhow.

    [Attachment 67066 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 67068 - Click to enlarge]
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