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  1. Hi, I would appreciate help with a problem

    The background of the story: I'm an old schooler, and I like to have my tv series compressed in good-old xvid, SD resolution, mp3 128kbps stereo audio, avi files with "standarized" sizes as 170-175 MB for the 20 minutes shows or 340-345 MB for the 40 minutes shows, so I can tipically burn complete seasons or mid-seasons in just one DVD. To make this, till now I downloaded 720p episodes and recompressed them in my old Windows XP PC with VirtualdubMod, configuring second pass "Target size (kbytes)" to 155000 or 310000 (that with the 20 or 40 MB from audio, made the final 170 or 340 MB files).

    But recently I updated my PC to a brand new one with Windows 10 and my old process doesn't work as I wish anymore, neither with VirtualDubMod nor VirtualDub2. Now the resulting files have a size that doesn't fit with my configuration, they result tipically smaller, but also bigger someones. And that's the problem.

    I can obtain the desired sizes queuing the second pass multiple times modifying the target size 5000 kbytes up or down everytime, but it's not a solution at long term.

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  2. What always worked for me when files don't hit the desired file size with XviD 2pass encoding, ist:
    • setting min/max I-/P-/B- range to 1-31
    • increasing "Overflow control strength", "Max overflow improvement", "Max overflow degration" from the default of 5 to 10 (or 15)
    (these are the defaults I always used when encoding XviD 2pass)

    Cu Selur
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  3. Thanks for the help. It doesn't solve the problem, but I finally discovered what was happening.
    Looks like the problem was the video.pass files. I'm using the old hard drives in the new pc, so there was already pass files around all the directory system and they were somehow incompatible. I deteted them and now everuthing works properly with the new ones created by Virtualdub.
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