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  1. Good day! As of now, mid-2021, does anybody know if DVD-RAM discs are still being manufactured anywhere in the whole world?

    Carlos Albert "Disco Makberto"
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    it looks like Panasonic ended production of DVD-RAM discs in 2019 -
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  3. Hello, october262 & folks!

    I hope that I am excused about my delay in replying, but here I am.

    Yes, DVD-RAM discs appear to be no longer in production...too bad! Still, I believe that multi-DVD drives with DVD-RAM disc compatibility are still in production, if not for the fact that adding DVD-RAM disc compatibility is not something expensive, so it doesn't hurt to include it. One way or another, my interest in DVD-RAM discs is/was the possibility of formatting them as FAT32. Luckily, it appears that BD-R and BD-RE discs can also be formatted as FAT32, so I will look into that in the future.

    Best regards,

    Carlos Albert
    Disco Makberto
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