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  1. When my Oppo player failed to read this Dutch region issue the Oppo 95 owners thread at said it could be made region free after I burn this file to a CD-R and load it.

    That worked perfectly.

    But my LX500 canít read this region DVD. Is there a fix for this?

    Also, last week I finally got around to purchasing this excellent Eureka/Masters of Cinema BD edition

    But both of players canít read this region BD. The Oppo thread said I need to look for a plug & play hardware mod kit to make the Oppo BD region free. This is the only one I found. Any reported problems with this kit, or if I opt to install it internal to the player?

    What DVD and BD region free fix is there for the LX500?
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  3. Originally Posted by hech54 View Post
    Computer Blu Ray reader > External portable HDD > MakeMKV. Done
    The only BD reader I have is in my ancient Windows XP Pentium desktop which Iím not looking to replace until I buy an HP Zbook G7 Xeon laptop, as I need ECC RAM, but which has no internal BD reader.

    However, unless there are no errors the first time this seems like a lot of work

    And when users say that the same BD movie disc plays fine in their player and yet MakeMKV finds errors, is that likely because the player has some kind of corrective error interpolating system?

    In any case, when MakeMKV transcodes the audio does it dumb down the BDís lossless DTS MA soundtrack to a lossy format?
    Thatís no fun.

    I did find this popular and very affordable region free BD fix for my Oppo 95.

    And the internal install procedure is said to be very easy; just donít lose the screws for the pc boards.

    Unfortunately, the one for the Pioneer LX-500 is $400. They said thatís because they sell 1000ís of Oppo kits but very few calls for the LX-500. And thereís no DIY kit for the LX-500. You have to ship it to them and they have lots more to have to tear down to install the hardware. No thanks.

    So Iíll just go for the DIY Oppo kit.

    But this free region free DVD fix did work perfectly for the Oppo.

    Now if only someone would create a SuperDisc to make the LX-500 at least region free for DVDs.
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