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  1. Hi,

    I like to undestand what is the best compromise between quality / speed / size.

    I have created a new folder here

    and created some test files:

    1) libx264 medium preset crf 23

    ffmpeg.exe -vsync 1 -i "title_t00_ori_200_sec_no_audio.mkv" -y  -c:v libx264 -crf 23   -pix_fmt yuv420p10le   -map 0:0     -preset medium  -c:s copy  -vf vaguedenoiser  -metadata:s:v:0 Language="rom" -t 200 "title_t00_Libx264_200_sec_medium_no_audio_custom_crf_23_speed_test.mkv"
    2) libx265 medium preset crf 21

    ffmpeg -vsync 1 -i "title_t00_ori_200_sec_no_audio.mkv" -y  -c:v libx265 -crf 21   -pix_fmt yuv420p10le   -map 0:0     -preset medium  -c:s copy   -x265-params "no-rect=1:no-sao=1" -metadata:s:v:0 Language="rom" -t 200 "title_t00_Libx265_60_sec_medium_no_audio_custom_crf_speed_test.mkv"
    3) Libx265 with custom setting (atlantis) crf 24

    ffmpeg.exe -vsync 1 -i "title_t00_ori_200_sec_no_audio.mkv" -y  -c:v libx265 -crf 24   -pix_fmt yuv420p10le   -map 0:0     -c:s copy  -x265-params "ref=4:star:subme=4:bframes=8:rd=4:rd-refine=0:qcomp=0.65:fades=1:strong-intra-smoothing=1:ctu=32:qg-size=32:sao=0:selective-sao=0:cu-lossless=0:cutree=1:tu-inter-depth=3:tu-intra-depth=3:max-merge=2:rskip=2:rskip-edge-threshold=2:rc-lookahead=80:aq-mode=2:aq-strength=1.0:rdoq-level=1:psy-rd=4.0:psy-rdoq=15.0:limit-modes=0:limit-refs=3:limit-tu=4:deblock=-4,-4:weightb=1:weightp=1:rect=0:amp=0:wpp=1:pmode=0:pme=0:b-intra=1:b-adapt=2:b-pyramid=1:tskip=1:tskip-fast=0:fast-intra=0:early-skip=0:splitrd-skip=0:min-keyint=24:keyint=240:transfer=bt709:colorprim=bt709:colormatrix=bt709:crf-min=10:no-sao=1"  -metadata:s:v:0 Language="rom" -t 200 "title_t00_Libx265_60_sec_Atlantis_crf_24_speed_test.mkv"
    all of this with and without noise reduction vaguedenoiser that seem the best. All files (with vaguedenoiser) are similar size.

    In total there are 7 files.

    Here the speed comparation with my machine (that is slow)

    1) libx264 medium = 0.5x , with vaguedenoiser = 0.41x
    2) libx265 medium = 0.37x , with vaguedenoiser = 0.31x
    3) libx265 custom setting = 0.27 , with vaguedenoiser = 0.22x

    My first impression about libx264 seem too much blurry and I don't like it.

    About vaguedenoiser apart the speed drop, remove the noise without pay the price in details that seem the some (this is my impression).

    The question is: if is better default medium (2) setting or this custom setting (3).

    Can you please leave your comments and/or optimize my command with some tip if need ?

    Thanks !
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