1st off I am an old fart at this game. I started fixing tv's, open reel recorders and so on while they still had vacuum tubes in them. I have fixed vcr's and windows based computers in the past. I had to retire from fixing things in 1995 due to micro tremors hands.

Anyways about 3 or 4 years ago I bought new in the box Funai model ZV427FX4 combo VHS/DVD recorder. On a regular bases I have cleaned the rollers, heads and so on in the machine with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. The DVD side still works fine. But it has been a long time since I worked on the VHS side other then to clean the heads and rollers. Now when I put a VHS tape in. The tape goes in and starts to play for about 5 seconds then the machine shuts down. When I hit the power button the tape is ejected. I also tried covering the record tab on the test tape so the auto play won't kick in and tried rewind and fast forward. Both work for about 5 seconds then the power goes off, I turn the power back on and the tape gets ejected. I know there is a reason for this problem but I just can't remember the reason. My memory is not as good as it was. I had a stroke on 11-20-20. Amongst some of the things that I have lost is some short term memory and left peripheral vision. I think I can fix it or a young 19 year old that works with me in the electronics dept at the Veterans Warehouse Thrift Store, where I volunteer, he is studying to be an electrician. He is very quickly picking up on things like a VOM, an O-scope and both audio and RF Generators.